Collection Of Ephemeral And Airy Lamps For Your Home

Brand Luz Difusion presented a collection of chandeliers and lamps called Struk. First it was thought to be just an installation due to its unconventional material (polyethylene mesh), but its use for home has been remarkable for the strength of the material and its attractive light. Each model is made by hand with absolute craftsmanship. Struk is a circular or semicircular structure with a first layer of plastic mesh that diffuses light. A second layer, fixed by flanges, is made of scraps of polyethylene mesh, stiffer and wider, that have been moulded with hot air. Finally, several strips of plastic are threaded at random into the holes of the mesh. The material is fireproof.The lamp looks really ephemeral and unreal. I t resembles me both some flower from the gardens of the elves and a lamp of the spaceships of the future.

Source: 6a3a

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