Contemporary Convertible Sofa – Café&Leche by Ebuala

If you want to create a functional and comfortable design but at the same time to save a space then convertible and adjustable furniture could become a cool solution for you. We already have covered some nice examples of such furniture here on DigsDigs. For example there were several very interesting adjustable coffee tables that transform in big dining tables and convertible sofas that also can be comfortable beds. Now we are pleased to show you one more model which surprises by its creativity and functionality. This is convertible sofa Café&Leche by Ebuala. Thanks to its flexible construction that can be a sofa, a bed, a bench and even two armchairs united by useful table. The fact is that it has three folding cushions, which allow you to have such sofa you wish at the moment. This sofa has a two tone finish which makes it not only functional but also very nice furniture adaptable to any contemporary interior design. More detailed information you could find on Ebuala site. [via]

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