Contemporary House with Roofed Two Level Exterior Terrace

Doubleview House is a contemporary family home designed by Chilean architects Benjamín Murúa and Rodrigo Valenzuela of Murúa-Valenzuela. The exterior two level terrace is a center place in the house which crosses it from one side to other. The terrace is roofed and designed to make it possible to take advantage of surrounded landscape and views, as well as the platformed garden. Although the house was organized not only around the terrace but also around other public spaces. The terrace is what connects these spaces to more private spaces like bedroom area and children rooms. Bedrooms for the children and their study and play room is what form childrens’ area. Although the house shape and materials used in its constructing aren’t something unusual, they make it look contemporary in this area. [Murúa-Valenzuela]

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