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Contemporary Mountain House Design Blended With Natural Surrounings

Thu, Feb 18, 2010 | Modern home designs | By Mike

This stunning contemporary house is located in the Sierra Madre mountain range where it’s trying to establish an intimate connection with the natural environment around it. Almost 6000 square feet house was build with a lot of natural materials like wood, stone and marble so even with its contemporary and urban design it blends well with surroundings. It’s open towards the street and can be accessed from there crossing over a fountain from which a huge oak tree grows. There is also a small oak forest that was left in the garden. Thanks to the fact that the living room conceived almost as a glass box, views of this garden and of the Sierra Madre peaks could be experienced from there. There is also a fireplace in the house where the family gather during cold winters. [ GLR Architects | Via HDF ]

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Old Comments

  1. James Says:

    What a joke. Money does not = artistic wisdom. Saw odd cement blocks or other blockish gray design elements to create what looks to be a fire chimney or whatever. Incredible beauty! Love so much that I see, but, such failure in so many elements that….it is so sad..rich folks…often do not have a clue about “art techies” that fail so badly. Throw your money to artistic dwarfs, and watch them laugh at you fools. James

  2. Oliver Says:

    wow … the walls of glass are great … at daytime the house is flooded with daylight … and at night it has a great atmosphere …

  3. Gilbert Wham Says:

    Why does ‘Contemporary’ so often equate with ‘Looks like a high-end car showroom with some sofas in it’? Furthermore, WHY is the bathroom sink full of rocks? Rocks!

  4. Scott Says:

    I find it curious that people who build houses like this like the eco-chic aesthetic but clearly don’t give a rat’s ass about the environment.

    Concrete = an enormous amount of CO2 emissions to produce
    Steel = an enormous amount of CO2 emissions to produce
    Glass curtain wall = an enormous amount of CO2 emissions from heating/cooling costs

    The genuine-looking animal fur rug speaks for itself. There won’t be anymore eco-chic when there’s no eco left.

  5. Gilsun Says:

    Looks kinda pretty… but man, good luck heating that place… and way to many cold hard surfaces for it to be a proper “home”. No thanks.

  6. loubna Says:

    what’s the name of marble used for the floor?

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