Contemporary Sideboards With Mirror Finish – Psiche by Tonelli

Tonelli company specializes on furniture made of glass and mirror. It perfectly demonstrates how beautiful and elegant these material could be. Thanks to employment of high technology it creates a really awesome products. We have posted about its transparent glass desk Strata, and now we are pleased to show you another stunning element of interior design made by the. This is the sideboard Psiche. Its sides and top are made of concave and convex panel covered by pieces of mirror, gold mirror or white lacquered glass. The surrounding reflects in these mirrors and create a fabulous effect. This sideboard is available in different versions: a square one with legs or without and a low long sideboard, which could be used like tv stand. The tv-stand model could be with open central part decorated by transparent glass shelves. More information about all these models you could find on Tonelli site.

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