Cool and Unusual Two-Layer Bath Sink by Mal Corboy

We’ve founded one very interesting solution for a modern bathroom among products made by an Australian designer, Mal Corboy, and want to share them with you. The idea is to make a small cool waterfall in your bathroom. A special surface between a bath faucet and a sink should be placed. The water flows on the upper surface and falls into the big bath sink. The upper surface and the sink are made of the same white material and organize a very harmonious composition. The sink is quite big so it could accommodate several every day using items. Thanks to the clever construction of this creative sink the water flows in the right direction and doesn’t splash anything. This original bathroom sink could become a cool inspiration for you to create your modern and unusual bathroom design. More information about this white two-layer bath sink you could find on Mal Corboy site.

Cool And Unsual Two Layer Bath Sink By Mal Corboy

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