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Cool Kids’ Stair Chair That Fits Any Kitchen

Sat, May 14, 2011 | Chairs | By Kate

If you have a baby or going to have one, this piece is especially for you! It’s Tripp Trapp de Stokke, a special chair for your kid. It’s like a stairs with steps, the kid can sit on different steps depending on his or her height. The chair is very comfortable, the kid will sit very conveniently. It has a handle for a baby not to fall. The design is simple and elegant, it will match any kitchen. The chair is available in different colors or in simple natural wood. Order this kids’ stairs and have meals comfortably with your baby.

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  1. Charlotte Says:

    Full disclosure, I work for Stokke and stumbling upon your blog via RSS was a joy! Great photos of how a practical children’s chair can also be an object of design, virtually in any setting from cottage to contemporary plus everywhere in between.

  2. Rose Says:

    These chairs, in any color, are just so striking! What a great addition to any dining area. When most other baby things last only for the 1st 12-24 months, this is a refreshing investment that doesn’t feel like a waste of money. So glad we have ours!

  3. Jane Says:

    hi, just wanted to say that on the 9th photo the two chairs are not STOKKE’s… :D
    I love that chair – my son has a black one in the kitchen and I think that I am going to buy another one so that he can join me at my desk and if he has a play date we have a spare one!!!

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