Cool Modular Sofa for Kids – PS30 Puzzle Sofa by Designskin

PS30 Puzzle Sofa by Designskin is a kids sofa that can be transformed into a mattress. Children can enjoy various puzzles with it and develop their imitativeness and space perception by using it. The sofa consists of an outer squared frame and ten inner blocks. When it is stretched, you can use it as a mattress, and when it is folded, you can also use it as a sofa. Of course, kids can make other various funny shapes and spaces. Steel frame is loaded inside the frame of the sofa to support its interior materials. The exterior of blocks is done in non toxic PU and high grade artificial leather. Thanks to that the sofa is also good for kids who suffer from allergic coryza dust allergy, and atopy. Besides it’s also easy to clean.

Source: designskin

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