Cool Music Carpet – Human Antenna by Florian Kräutli

Recently Swiss designer Florian Kräutli has offered a very interesting and original product. It is a carpet which looks like an usual rug with modern design and could become a cool decoration of any room but has one cool unusual hi-tech feature. The fact is that this white carpet is also a radio. It is made of looms from conductive thread and capable to transform a human body into an antenna. The carpet picks up the radio waves, which the body receives and makes them hearable. To change a radio frequency you’ll have to walk on a carpet or sit on it. I’m not sure is that very comfortable or not but it’s definitely very creative. Below you could see video which well shows how this carpet works. If you think that such carpet–radio is cool and could be useful for you then you could find more information on Florian Kräutli site. [via]

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