Cool Outdoor Fireplace for your Garden by Hagen and Zohar

We have a lot of posts about a summer outdoor furniture, which could be very useful for sunbathing or simply for a pleasant relaxing in a warm day. Although now we’d like to present you a winter garden decoration – Outdoor fireplace by Hagen and Zohar. This is not only fireplace but also a wonderful place for storytelling and playing. This outdoor design object has been inspired by Norwegian turf huts and presents itself as the structure made of 80-layered circles. In the center of this not very big construction is a fireplace, which could to heat you in a cold day. You could spend the amazing time and get a lot of pleasant emotions while gathering with your friends or your children around the fire and being well protected from the wind. If you are interested by this Outdoor fireplace then you could find more information on Hagen and Zohar site.

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