Cool Paris-Themed Room Ideas and Items

Visited once Paris you’ll forever feel in love with this city and its the most famous sight, the Eiffel Tower, which allows you to have several unforgettable moments observing all Paris. If you want to have a small piece of this wonderful city in your apartment then below you could find several interesting ideas to create Paris – themed design. In addition to beautiful wall photos, you could decorate your living room by mirror sticker of the Eiffel Tower, which is quite practical, or more usual vinyl stickers available in different colors. Kitchen design can be enriched by original small magnets or in opposite by large ones covering the whole fridge or washer. One more interesting solution is backsplash with amazing city’s view. You could also find different accessories and even furniture in shape of the Eiffel Tower or with its pictures. For example, there a lot of nice cushions, table lamps and others element of interior design. One of the most interesting of them is a chair which is named Chaise Tour Eiffel. This amazing chair could become a spark of any Paris-themed room.

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