Cool Portable Fireplace – HotPot By Conmoto

Conmoto is a company specializing in production of different kinds of fireplaces. It offers as traditional models as ultra-modern fireplaces with bio fuel without smell and smoke. Conmoto gives a possibility to decorate not only interior design but also outdoor space by an amazing fireplace. Among its new products there is a cool portable model – HotPot, which could be used as in a room as in a garden. It is very compact so you always could find a place for it. It has a useful handle, which allows to easy carry it. In spite of its small size it could provide a cozy and warm ambience with soft light. HotPot is available in different colors and you could create a charming composition using several HotPots with different colorful coverings. You could check out these portable fireplaces and other modern ones on Conmoto site.

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