Cool Vintage Table Lamp Inspired By Nature Itself

Nature inspires many designers and they create unusual pieces. This vintage Salvage Wood Lamp by Luke Lamp Co. is created by Luke Kelly. The simple and gorgeous lamp can be a perfect addition to your room, providing not only lighting. The lamp is a single piece weathered hardwood product. It has a jute fiber rope attached, complementing the vintage appeal. Measuring 11 inches high and 3.5 inches wide, the lamp can be suitably adjusted to your table top, or any other area of the room. You also get a filament bulb within the lamp. The lamp can be apt for “mood” lighting. The nice, rustic original piece is a unique art work. Each gorgeous lamp is a different piece of art. The price is just $79.00. It can be an apt gift to any of your loved ones, being both usable and decorative.

Source: hometone, etsy

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