Crazy Multifunctional Doubled Objects – Art Of Furniture

Oriental designers think differently and so they create very unusual things. Korean designer Seung-Yong Song described his philosophy of multifunctionality by creating collection Objets. All the pieces are doubled up as ladders, clotheshorses, shelves or lamps. A clothing line positioned atop a rocking chair is Objet E, which can move back and forth to gently help dry hanging garments. Objet O is a chair tucked inside a giant paper lampshade that can be folded down to create a private den. A ladder is the backrest for the chair named Objet B, but can also be used as shelving like the similar Objet A. the designer says that if things are freed from their own unique functions, we might agonize over how to use these objects. These are not only pieces of furniture but multifunctional installations.

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