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Creative Door Chain That Is Really Safe

Wed, Nov 24, 2010 | Other | By Mike

In many humorous cartoons we have saw paranoid people who lock their doors to a dozen locks but it usually doesn’t stop their pursuers. The door chain which theoretically doesn’t allow opening the door to a stranger. Although this stranger could stick his hand into the hole and unfasten the chain. Defendius is a system that can protect the stranger or you from opening the door fast. To open it a person need to carry the chain though a maze. It’s quite boring to do each time but what won’t you do for your own safety, right? Besides you’ll learn how to go through the maze very fast.

Source: artlebedev

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  1. madera y zinc Says:

    hahahahaha…..very funny! But I hope there is not a fire into de house!!! :D

  2. mugabo Says:

    I can’t help but notice that this chain is longer than a standad chain.
    Which would mean that the door can be opened wider…
    And would allow for entry by a skinny intruder, such as a juvenile delinquent.

    Suggest “parking” the chain on the other side of the maze, making it more taut by removing all of that slack, for increased security. ;)

  3. Richard Says:

    Does it have to be so big (thats what she said)? A smaller one would still be impossible to solve for an intruder with no vision of the maze if you made it in the right way.

  4. Karthik Says:

    Well, the bigger the maze, the longer the chain. And at some point the door opens wide enough that you just slip some bolt cutters through the crack and cut the chain…

  5. yar Says:

    NICE one.
    where can I buy it?

  6. Dom Says:

    Sure, but you’d better hope your house doesn’t catch on fire!

  7. D'Homez Says:

    Your house would be over protected with this door chain. And also it is looking good.

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