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Customizable Modular Bookcase That Looks Like a Doll House

Wed, Dec 15, 2010 | Bookcases | By Mike

This cute bookcase is designed by Harry Allen for Skitsch. It came from a little sketch that the designer did for a storage unit. He drew little boxes and put a roof on it. As a result he got a customizable modular bookcase that looks like a doll house. This bookcase can help anybody to remember their childhood. If you asked a child to draw a house, he’d draw rooms, a roof, and a chimney. That’s why this creative storage system based on the icon of such a house could become a part of your interior that you can be proud of.

Source: skitsch

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  1. BeauLo Says:

    Harry Allen does some fabulous designs. Very funny. There’s one of these bookcases on ebay at the moment.

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  1. The Book Shelf Resembles Doll Houses Says:

    [...] Shelves are funny and unique book will make anyone who sees it will be attracted to her, in addition to seeing these bookshelf must also see to open an existing collection. For children is also very useful to increase reading, with a shape that resembles a doll house will lure children to play and learn to read. Placement of house design on the shelf this book other than to add interesting design is also to add some creativity, because space on the bookshelves house apart pairs can be in accordance with our imagination in preparing the house design. Harry Allen whodesigned the dollhouse style bookcase is for Skitsch also very creative by adding accents stairs and chimneys in the design. via [...]

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