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Designers Modern Garage Storage System from Vault

Fri, May 29, 2009 | Appliances | By Mike

If you desire professional-quality garage cabinets with modern and aesthetic look than Designer Series by Vault is right for you. There are plenty cabinets available so there are almost unlimited amount of layouts what you can achieve. Each cabinet could contain a lot of small drawers that are ideal for storing hand tools or small fasteners like screw drivers, sockets sets, pliers, nuts, bolts, screws and so on. All drawers open and close smoothly on heavy-duty ball-bearing slides. Countertops could be as 3.5″ thick brushed stainless steel as 3/4″ thick paperstone. Exterior cabinets panels are manufactured from 20-gauge powder-coated steel when the interior ones are constructed from 18-gauge Furniture-Grade Stainless Steel. All cabinets mount on special hanger bracket system to make installation of pre-assembled cabinets a breeze. Vault always use the most high quality materials to handcraft their cabinets so their product are the most luxury and superior on the market.

Designers Garage Storage System

Designers Garage Storage SystemDesigners Garage Storage System

Designers Garage Storage System

Designers Garage Storage System

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