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Designers Radiators for Home Heating

Mon, Jan 5, 2009 | Other | By Mike

When it comes to choosing home heating solution for your home you haven’t as many choices as you should. Usually there are just aluminum and cast iron radiators with almost the same look. Your options are to show them to rest of the world by not covering them, to use some kind of special radiator covers or to hide them with curtains. The first option isn’t very cool because of similar radiators look. The rest of the options won’t be a great idea because of losing a heat behind covers.

Although there are designers radiators with the better look. Danny Wan has a very interesting design. His concept directs heat in front of the curtains instead of behind them allowing more heat to be retained within the home instead of losing heat behind the curtains. They also have cool chrome look so they solves the main modern home heating problems.

Danny Wan's radiators

Danny Wan's radiators

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  1. mehmet tokbay Says:

    We would like to introduce our products via your website.
    Please inform us the details/conditions.

    Thankyou and best regards,
    AEON Ltd.sti.,

  2. rita patel Says:

    hi can you pls let me know how much this radiator is.

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