Detached From The Ground House In The Canopy Of Trees

This house is located in the beautiful area near Sao Paulo, Brazil. Designed to be a pavilion supported only by five columns, the home has bedrooms, a living room, dining room and balconies facing a pool overlooking the beautiful beach of Guaruja. The house become a great holiday house for a family with two kids who likes to have a guests. Even though the site is really beatiful it wasn’t easiest place for construction. A structural 18m deck above the ground was used as an artificial foundation. Above this deck the whole building is made of metal. The house only has two floors and is accessible from the second one because it’s attached to the street. The first volume features housekeeper’s house, kitchen, service-area, steam bath, gym and four bedrooms. This house is one of those houses that makes architects to be proud of their work. [Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture]

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