Eco-Sustainable Panton Chair Designs

The next 15 september is the 50th anniversary of the most famous chair in the world – Panton Chair. In flagshipstore Molteni & C would be an overview of the work of Verner Panton. We already showed best Panton Chair’s redesigns done for Vitra’s competition but students of the International School of Monza also has done some interesting redesigns. They could use only eco-sustainable materials and theme so the result of their work is a collection of “19 Green Panton Chair”. They used materials from paper pulp to jute clothes, passing through jars of yoghurt, rice, mirrors, toys, newspapers, aluminum, with lids, corrugated cardboard, with plastic caps, packaging, CD, the more plastic bags, cans and bottle bottoms found on beaches. The collection will be sold at an auction this year.

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