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Electrolux Aurora Illuminated Induction Cooktop

Mon, Dec 22, 2008 | Kitchen Appliances | By Mike
Electrolux Aurora Illuminated Induction Cooktop

Electrolux Aurora Illuminated Induction Cooktop

New Ele?trolux pure white, illuminated cooktop encases induction technology for cooking. It is using electromagnetic fields to transfer energy to the cooking pot, which then converts, into heat. The heat is generated at the base of the pan, not by a heating element. In effect, this turns the pan itself into a hot plate and removes a significant amount of radiant heat from the cooktop surface.

The design of the cooktop is quite unique. It’s idea is to be beautiful to fits in any cross-over room that blur the distinction between kitchen and living area. The LED perimeter lighting adds drama when using the product. The surface of the cooktop is made from white patterned ceramic glass which utilizes easy-to-use touch controls.

Electrolux Aurora is an example of taking existing functionality (in this case, induction cooking), and through design creating a unique product that strongly embodies the Electrolux Brand values. The cooktop received an Australian Design Mark. Although the price for such piece of art isn’t very cheap. It will cost something around $10000.




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  1. vepras Says:

    Fine colour for the cooking panel, under my kitchen, is pleasant to me this tendency of 2009. If could, for a long time has prompted to manufacturers to start to let out such models

  2. Kavita Tankha Says:


    On your home page (where there are details of the ELectrolux cook top) behind the Electrolux cooktop I see a glass table with a white frame and with white dining chairs. Can you tell me who makes these chairs and the dining table.


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