Elegant Sofa for Modern Living Room – Lacon by Desiree Divano

You could make you living room modern and at the same time very comfy with new furniture set Lacon by Desiree Divano, which is a part of a Euromobil group. This set consists of elegant and comfortable armchair and sofa with rounded shapes. Thanks to a combination of smooth lines and modern look these furniture can decorate any contemporary room. The armchair can be accompanied by an useful small table, integrated in its base. This swivel table can be support as for a cup of tea as for a laptop, so you could comfortably relax and work with this furniture. This furniture set is very beautiful in pure white and black colors. Although the sofa and armchairs are available in several colors and fabric or leather finishes. The further information about this attractive set for modern living room you could find on Gruppo Euromobil site.

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