Extra-Clear White Curved Sideboard Made of Glass – Shark by Cattelan Italia

Shark is a bifacial sideboard designed by Andrea Lucatello for Cattelan Italia. It’s made of extra-clear white varnished curved glass and an internal frame in matt white laquered wood. The sideboard has shiny look and sharp, curved shape. The base is in polished stainless steel, and the internal sheft in clear glass. Its not hard to figure out where the name comes from; this majestic and sleek side board has every feature of the idea of a killer shark: speed, slimness and a sense of solitude. In case you need something unusual to store your things – Shark is perfect to decorate your room. In case you enjoy curved furniture, here is another cool storage solution for you – drop-shaped contemporary wall wine rack.

Source: Cattelan Italia

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