Faceted Hanging Tray That Can Be Used as As a Flowerpot

Hanging pots is a very cool solution if you like plants but haven’t much space to create a small garden at your home. Of course they are also good if you want to make your rooms more original. Pigeon Toe Ceramics has created a modern looking faceted hanging tray that could serve as a hanging pot. The unglazed porcelain tray could be suspended with leather lace cords and an oxidized metal ring. Even though it’s better for using simply as a tray for small things it could be used for small plants too. Although you’ll need to use small pots too in order to water these plants properly. Probably you even could put a small bonsai tree there? The tray is available for $56.00 with 6 choices of cord colors at Pigeon Toe Ceramics.

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