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Fascinating Swimming Pool Design with Mosaic Glass Tiles by Glassdecor

Tue, Sep 22, 2009 | Ceramic tiles, Swimming pool designs | By Margarita

If you’ve decided to create the best swimming pool then glass mosaic tiles could become a truly cool choice for you. By covering a pool’s bottom and walls by these tiles you could create fascinating patterns. If you aren’t very creative then you could buy glass tiles with already drawn images. Spanish company Glassdecor is one of the leaders in the wide format images on glass mosaic manufacture. It offers a lot of amazing solutions to decorate as indoor as outdoor swimming pools. You could enrich the bottom by a very big turtle, by oriental ornaments and by many others original pictures. Images with cartoon characters ideally fit for kids swimming pools. Besides some kinds of glass tiles have an optical effect and thanks to that your swimming pool will be look bigger and deeper than it is. You could find more examples of these beautiful glass mosaic tiles and more information about them on Glassdecor site.

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Old Comments

  1. Robert Says:

    Very nice. Thanks for the pics.

  2. sami al zin Says:

    Peace be upon you
    A great location for that special someone

    I hope you always Altoviv


  3. yan Says:

    oh man oh man oh man that vortex one is soo coool!!!
    but the tortoise one kinda scared me…XD

  4. LaurenMilan Says:

    the vortex has to be one of the most creative tings ive seen for the design of a swimming pool

  5. Ruth Borg Galea Says:

    Dear sir, I would like to know if i can order a design of the mosaic for my pool. If i send you the layout and the dimensions would it be possible for your company to do the picture i choose and you can send me the tiles… i really liked the one with many colours ( like starfish, with the lady on the sunbed in the water) and the one with the tortoise. I live in Malta – Europe, and if it is possible the cost please. thanking you in advance

    Ruth Borg Galea

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