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Flexible Sofa For Living-Working Environments – Moody Couch

Tue, Jan 25, 2011 | Sofa | By Mike

Moody Couch by Hanna Emelie is the next step in couch designing. It allows to express a very wide rage of different moods without losing connection with the standard sofa. That makes it very flexible because it can be used as a intimate napping spot, as a representable couch, as a comfy sofa for watching TV and so on. The size of the textile cover and its simple pattern enable all shapes and forms. The cover is 20 square meters but thanks to the chosen material it doesn’t make the couch very expensive. The base of the couch consists of a wooden part, covered with different layers of foam. Moody Couch is a perfect solution for living spaces where the separation between work life and private life isn’t noticeable.

Source: hannaernsting

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  1. CristinaVi Says:

    This is brilliant, and very much related to the way people actually use couches: tucked in, wrapped into blankets, curling in… at least the way I do (in winter time, mostly) :-)
    love it

  2. tinagleisner Says:

    Fascinating idea to design and build in the flexibility for one piece of furniture to fill many roles as each of us lives a different lifestyle and how we use a couch of any other piece of furniture is quite different.

    Practical for small, loft style apartments which have one room serving multiple purposes.