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Functional Foldable Kitchen Stool With Unique Design – Matida Stool by Stefan Lindfors

Wed, Dec 15, 2010 | Chairs | By Mike

Matilda stool designed by Finish designer Stefan Lindfors has won the international 2010 GOOD Design Award. That is the oldest and very prestigious award in the design world. The stool is a versatile, multipurpose solution for the soul of any home, the kitchen. It’s a foldable and very functional product made of high-quality materials that features a unique design. You can sit on her, climb up her ladder and reach up and above from her, eat, or socialize. In the folded state it slides right under your table and doesn’t need a lot of storage space. The stool is available in walnut, oak, felt and painted versions. The paintings are done by the designer and show creatures and herbs from the ocean that climb up the stool.

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  1. Carlo Basile Says:

    Good morning,

    I ‘m looking for matilda stool , do you know where i can buy it?

    Do you know also the mesurements of it.

    I’ts possible to buy it online because i’m living in Italy.

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards


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