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Funny Bull-Shaped Chair For Your Kid

Tue, Oct 11, 2011 | Chairs | By Kate

Bulls are not always dangerous, especially if it’s Bull Chair for kids by designer Ander Lizaso. It’s a funny piece of furniture for kids of 3-6 years. It is made in the shape that reminds of a bull and the big wheel is like its head. The backrest of this chair is a giant spinning wheel and this allows the kids to use it as a basket or a trolley that they can carry around and play with. Because of the shape the Bull can become a toy itself. The design is child-safe, the shape is curved, it’s eco-friendly, made of Baltic birch plywood. This chair would be a cool addition to your kid’s room.

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  1. Kevin Johnson Says:

    It looks more like a giant roll of toilet paper.

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