Funny Play Beds for Cool Kids Room Design by Paidi

German company Paidi could help you to furnish your kids room and to make it functional and nice both. Among its products you could find high quality furniture for kids of all ages – from babies to teenagers. In additional to usual kids room furniture this company offers a large range of cool play beds. These beds could be used not only for sleeping but also to have a very fun time there. With them you could organize a lot of games for you children even in a quite small room. There are models as for boys as for girls available, and all of them have a fresh color combinations and look very attractive. They are equipped by various play construction and play tents in different shapes. One more interesting advantage of this furniture is the lighting elements which provide a safe kid’s movement in the dark. If you want to create your own cool kids room with one of such beds then you could find all necessary information about them on Paidi site.

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