Futuristic Apartment Interior That Reminds A Salt Cave

This 120 square meter apartment in Kiev, Ukraine is designed by Natalya Farnosova and Elena Samarina. The main artistic conception of its interior is the contemporary futuristic mosaic. The comprehensive selection of figures and lines, the graphics which is based on the contrast of white and black demonstrate the miracles of geometry and prove the showiness of the simplicity. The interior proves that skillful combination of simple elements can become really stylish and livable.

The apartment isn’t very big so the preference is given to the studio layout, where the living room is combined with the dining room and the kitchen. It was hard to put all these kitchen cabinets and built-in appliances on the small area but designers have managed to do that in style. An unusual table top of a dining table is shaped like a wave is an eye-catching element of this area. The whole ceiling is covered with the material that looks like velours.

Thanks to used materials, unusual decorations and the original lighting system the apartment reminds a salt cave that in the same time is quite cozy. Designers have done a nice work of using possibilities of minimalism and white color.

Source: lui
Photos: Nikolay Feshuk

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