Futuristic Supernatural Chair With A Ghost

Guys, if you like everything supernatural – then pay attention to this. Studio Drift presents Ghost Chair. The chair is futuristic and with high technologies: a 3D image is captured within the boundaries of the outer shell. All the chairs are handmade with a 3D technique to create unusual subsurface drawings inside the solid Plexiglas chairs. The ‘ghost’ is made of a million tiny air bubbles; the image a reflection of light on air. For the inner Ghost designers Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn generated the most extreme 3-Dimensional shapes possible that do not refer to any other shape known. It had to look new and ‘never seen before’ but also natural at the same time. Just imagine – sitting on a ghost! So, fans of superstitious things – hurry up and buy it!

Source: mocoloco, delood

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