Gallery-Like Almost Completely White Living Space – Vitt Hus by Studio Octopi

Vitt Hus is the name of this project done by Studio Octopi. From Swedish that means a ‘White house’. The name describes this gallery-like living space that done with white as dominant color. It shows how subtle shifts in tone and texture that can be achieved within the bounds of a near perfect whiteness. All these whiteness is also great to highlight several owners artworks and other interior decorating objects. Working surfaces are warmed by the pale yellow glow of concealed fluorescent strips and mirrored panels reflect light out above the upper units. A box-shaped roof light is raised up above the steps that connect the front reception rooms through to the kitchen extension. Adjacent, sloping glass panels occupy a narrow strip of space between the ceiling and the side wall. During the daytime light streams in through this opening, but at night it reads as a dark slot cutting through the pristine white space. { Studio Octopi }

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