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Hallway Chest With Hidden and Easy-To-Access Storage Spaces

Thu, Oct 28, 2010 | Furniture | By Mike

The hall chest is an awesome solution to organize the stuff you have or should have in your pockets when you go out. It’s also perfect storage space for everything that you have in your pants or jacket when you come home. The chest by Vanpey is really thoughtful because it has as hidden as easy-to-access storage places. It’s a box that features two sliding covers that make it incredibly practical. The chest is available in various colors and made of wood. If you need a space saving solution for your hallway then Vanpey’s chest is right choice for you.

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      [...] Storage cabinets are designed waist-high adults. If you are after from the travel you just need to put the bag in the closet of this storage, so if you want to go back you just need to go to this storage cabinet to retrieve your needs such as keys, wallets and other challenges need to be more confused looking for your goods. This storage cabinet has two doors that can be shifted-shear that makes it very practical, is also available a wide selection of colors so that it looks increasingly attractive. The raw material of this storage cabinet is the type of wood choice and is perfect for saving space in your hallway. So, this storage cabinet is the right choice for you. via [...]

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