Hanssem KitchenBach 600 – Ruby Teak Kitchen Design

Hanssem is Korean furniture maker with 35 years history. It is also well-deserved nation’s top kitchen manufacturer. Kitchen Bach is a high-end kitchen furniture set which is one of the most interesting modern kitchen designs done by the company. The main difference between it and european modern kitchen designs is wood used in Hanssem set. Glossy white cabinets are in use everywhere but teak isn’t popular in Europe or USA. Here are two perfect examples of kitchen designs made which have usual glossy white cabinets combined with cabinets made of ruby teak. They are perfect for small kitchens, have a lot of storage and look futuristic. Everything is optimized as much as possible. For example, lighting above working place is combined with glass storage, cooking hood is combined with plate shelves and eating place is on the same table where cooking panel is. [Hanssem]

Hanssem Kitchenbach 600 Muse

Hanssem Kitchenbach 600 Ruby Teak

Hanssem Kitchen Bach 600 Storage

Hanssem Kitchen Bach 600 Muse Storage

Hanssem Kitchen Bach 600 Muse

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