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House With a Swimmingpool on The Roof and Panoramic View of The Surroundings

Sat, Apr 17, 2010 | Dream home designs | By Mike

Can you imagine looking at the ocean during the day and up at the stars durning the night while chilling in the pool on the roof of your house? Sounds like a dream and those who own the Universe House located in Roca Blanca, Mexico live in this dream. The house was designed by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, and built by architect Tatiana Bilbao.

The house is opened onto its surroundings thanks to an observation platform and the swimming pool on its roof. It’s made of cast concrete, prefabricated blocks, whitewashed plasterwork and wood. There are two bedrooms under the roof so the dream lifestyle is really possible. What else do you need when you have such pool to spent days in the place to sleep? { Photos by Iwan Baan }

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Old Comments

  1. Brendan Wenzel Says:

    This is such an awesome house!

  2. Hashim Says:

    Only if it doesn’t have roof leaking problem :P
    On serious note, very good concept and almost feel like this house is made for romantic couple.

  3. Stephanie S Says:

    No I can’t imagine this… Please say this is a giveaway, I’d love to experience this house first hand!

  4. Ottovolante Says:

    Want to live there

  5. shittt Says:

    in the 6th pic 61.jpg…is that chick smoking a joint?

  6. Debra Says:

    I agree with Hashim. Very romantic feel to it. I wouldn’t mind living in it!

  7. jim Says:

    I dont know who these people are, but i want them out of my house NOW!

  8. sami the cat Says:

    im sure nowadays it’s pretty dangerous to live that close to the ocean what with all the hurricanes and global warming lol

  9. Debbie Says:

    I don’t remember giving them permission to photograph my water feature.

  10. amanda Says:

    I love it!! Where is this?

  11. gininitaly Says:

    Would love this for a vacation house… water, views, verandas and the pool may even keep it cooler on the inside! Unless you get there in a helicopter, it just seems a little cabana near the sea, shouldn’t be that expensive to build either. Not too fond of all the concrete inside and on the floors, mexican pavers would have warmed it up a bit. But all in all I give it a thumbs up for innovation and good design for it’s use. :)

  12. Julia. Says:

    it is good ideas, it is really innovation in design. But i’m afraid of the condition of its. Sunshine is wonderful for people swimming, but so terrible if have problem which it happen. Otherwise, i think the gutter of swimming near the wall around swimming than. It’s more interesting for people look around.

  13. julia Says:

    i love it so much!

  14. shuho Says:

    So kool hix..hix…

  15. Bryan Says:

    Close to Puerto Escondido, a good surf spot though a bit trashed now. Look at that sweet line in the first pix! Still this place is the ultimate surfari pad, nada to distract from “olas y sol” with a little cerveza….

  16. Curtis Says:

    I saw that chick hittin the hell out of a bowl in Pic 6 of 8. I would too if I lived out in the middle of nowhere in that awesome house. Smoke, Smoke, Smoke, Smoke Till U Choke!!!!!!!!!!!111

  17. Diana Says:

    hope they had good builders…

  18. waicool Says:

    woah, what a dumbass design anybody consider the falling hazard, that safety problem could have been addressed while still providing for the same effect. more stupid rich people.

  19. nicholas Says:

    shopped. wtf is the matter with you people?

  20. gininitaly Says:

    Well Waicool…. I’d call it a grown up playhouse; Though you’d have to go easy on the booze and smoke (Curtis) ;)…. just to be there in nature doing grown up things pleasurably.. what a great place to unwind in simplicity.. and no, not really expensive in the realm of ‘stupid rich people’ atuff.

  21. gininitaly Says:

    oops ‘stuff’

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