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House With Five Meter High Windows

Thu, Jan 29, 2009 | Modern home designs | By Mike

The house by Scott Salisbury Homes is one of HIA best house of the 2008 year award winners. One of the main house feautres is spectacular main facade with awesome five-metre-hight commercial grade windows. Thanks to it all great views around the house are captured.
Although beauty isn’t only cool thing about the house. It’s very comfortable and “green”. Walk-in pantry is great for cooking. Light and airy central courtyard make relaxing with a book not just cool but awesome. Although its comfy not only in courtyard. The house has excellent cross ventilation and zoned light and air conditioning programming. The hot water system is powered by solar energy. The house has minimal energy costs.

hia house of the year 2009

hia house of the year 2009 kitchen

hia house of the year 2009 bathroom

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Old Comments

  1. Martin Lewis Says:

    What’s with the graffiti??

  2. bison girl Says:

    Neat idea but the inside is cold and doesn’t leave one feeling like they would want to live there. The child’s bedroom is even cold. It doesn’t look like a little one could sleep in there without having nightmares. And what women would want to cook in a kitchen that looks more like an industrial kitchen than a personal one?

  3. desiree@lookiloos Says:

    I like the graffiti on the bedroom walls. Fun.

  4. bianca costanzo Says:

    It’s a lovely house, but many of the clean, modern concepts are ruined by the hideous and dated interior design in the personal spaces.

    I mean, walking into the house, and it seems you would instantly feel you were in this wonderful playground of transparency, light, modernism, and cute little square windows!

    Then you arrive at the kid’s room only to see a dull, old-looking, domestic carpet, scribbles on the walls, and an awkwardly tall bed not quite worthy of a Sears catalogue.
    Same with the master bed – I don’t know about you guys, but poo-beige matching sofa and headboard is not exactly my idea of romance.

    Still all of the other rooms are beautiful! This decorator definitely owes the architect an apology…

  5. lizardqueen Says:

    There is a problem with that theory, that no WOMAN would want to cook in that kitchen. Maybe that kitchen was designed for the man of the house. Personally I love that kitchen, it’s warm and bright. The whole house is like that, plus, what would you want your house to look like if someone was going to come in take photos of it? Ever considered that maybe they haven’t even moved in yet, and that they wanted the photographer to take the photos before they settled and began to relax?

  6. Hmmm Says:

    With windows like that, I bet it makes walking around the house naked a bit difficult.

  7. Mishele Says:

    Yet another house that looks like aliens came and built habitats so they could watch us at home. i wouldn’t want to cook in that kitchen but my sister would, after everything was
    taken off the counter. She’s neurotic and would like all the walls white and gray rugs.

  8. Lisa Says:

    Love the architecture.

    Interior designer wise: can you say “builder’s beige”?

    I thought people hired designers to overcome the lack of imagination that builders apply with their white and beige finishes.

    And I totally liked the idea of having a guest room that the guests wrote on with their own unique graffiti, until I realized that this was the designers idea of a kids room. Eew. If it’s a kid’s room, give them the paintbrushes.

    If it’s a guest room graffiti art experience (apparently I have more imagination than the designers did) give them the paintbrushes. The notion that the designer dictated the graffiti is sooo pseudo-marketing-chic. What, you want to write on your kid’s walls instead of them? And then what if they write on them? Will you yell at them?

    I’ll buy the house if I don’t have to hire that interior designer.

  9. Taryn Says:

    These houses need something. I like the little tree in the fron of the main picture but in my opinion I believe some real palm trees would have made it a tad bit more inviting. Same goes for the inside. It needs something green. Go green right. Over all very contemporary home.

  10. beheaded.us Says:

    reminds me of the house on 13 ghosts in a way. Very cool and not haunted there though I am sure.

  11. Spoon Says:

    Ahhh, the life of a goldfish. That’s the life for me.

  12. Elemental Says:

    Thie windows are pretty cool. The rest of the house is trendy-modern dull. Beige on taupe on ecru, oooo, how exciting! Scribbles on the walls in the kid’s room, which is pretty awful without the hideous grafitti, wow that’s cutting edge! And that bathroom! I wouldn’t want to take a bath in there. Definitely looks like some stagers went through and “designed” the rooms. C’mon, people, stop following trends. Be yourselves.

  13. Theresa Says:

    The high windows seems cool, but yeah, almost everything can be seen from the outside. (well, does it have long curtains?

    I like the graffiti in the kid’s room. Looked like it was random and looks fun when it was done.

  14. weberica Says:

    And who supposed to clean those 5 meter tall windows??? Alpinists? And 20 meters of kitchen cabinets??

    I am tired of houses designed by male designers . They never clean their hosuses by themselves… they allways have some female slave to do that.. in excange for living in “luxus” ha ha nooo thanks! :P

  15. Mike Says:

    I always thought that cleaning windows is the man’s work =)

  16. weberica Says:

    Mike, good, keep thinking the same way :))

  17. Mike Says:

    Thanks =)

  18. heather Says:

    beige has to go its depressing, what is it in germany? dont give up and go beige, the house is great, i’d live there, find better furniture for the bedroom display, and it needs plants, tree like plants with that window, kitchen is lovely, cant see the stove but..

  19. waicool Says:

    more dumbass designers spending stupid rich peoples’ money. Stark & sterile, souless architecture. And what is the max deflection on those tall glass panels? I am certain the comfort factor is lacking in that greenhouse space

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