Industrial Ciussai Radiator by Ad Hoc

Wallpaper magazine revealed Design Awards 2009 winners. The results are showing the best of the best projects in different design areas during 2008 year. What I want to mention is “Best new domestic appliance” category winner.

It’s Ciussai Radiator from Adhoc which is a perfect choice for people who like unusual things in their decor. Designers radiators aren’t very usual thing in the most of homes. G Di Tullio and S Ragaini had this in mind when they designed this heater. It will be looks perfect in industrial loft or garden house. It’s flexibility is one of features that should be mentioned. Thanks to it you can transform the radiator in any way you like. If you have a lot of metallic things in your decor and want some fresh idea in your decor than check out Ciussai Radiator.

Ciussai Radiator by AdHoc
Ciussai Radiator by AdHoc

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Ciussai Radiator by AdHoc

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