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iPhone Charging Station And Comfortable Shelf In One

Thu, Jun 14, 2012 | Bookshelfs | By Kate

If you had a long day and want to relax right after coming home, this piece would help you to do that. The Butler by designer Curtis is iPhone storage or charging station that even has a place for your wallet, keys, and other stuff that you need to store immediately after a long day. The piece is made of walnut and Baltic birch laminated ply in San Diego, CA. In the backside there is a routed out section for charging your iPhone and extension cord in case your mounting area on the wall is not next to an outlet. Everything is for you and your comfort!

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  1. Josh Podolske Says:

    Hey! How do you buy it? YOu put links to other articles, but none to the etsy page? how much is it? come on man. web 101/.

  2. Jean Says:

    Esty. micklish. Hope that helps.

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