Italian-style Waterfront Villa In California: Rich and Beautiful

This gorgeous Italian-style villa on the Californian coast of Pacific Ocean won`t leave anybody indifferent. Where can you find something like that? In the James Bond movie? In a TV-show about celeb`s houses? The pictures seem to be charged with the Sun, wealth and happiness. It is like a dream for millions of people, but you can peep up some features and use them in your own interior.

For instance it can be natural stone. Look, it is used everywhere: on the terrace, in the kitchen, in the dining room. The house is extremely spacious because of the huge windows, wide arcs and colons. This principle was used in the Ancient Greek architecture: their palaces with colons seemed to be weightless too. The main color combination is sky-blue, beige and brown. The endless ocean isn’t only outside. Its pieces are inside too: there are the picture and the aquarium. Give yourself a piece of a dream!

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