Japanese Zen-inspired Vessel Lavatories – Waza from TOTO

The essence of Japan is captured in these Zen-inspired masterpieces from TOTO. Pottery, known as Shigaraki-yaki, comes from Shigaraki Town and its surrounding area in the south and dates back to the 13th century. The unique coloring, which results from firing iron in the clay, leaves a mesmerizing natural glaze that contribute to the unique coloring of TOTO’s Waza Impression vessel lavatories. All lavatories have natural look and are handmade so they could differs in shape and color. The price for such products isn’t cheap but handmade products from organic, natural materials couldn’t be cheap. [TOTO]

Waza Vessel Lavatory By Toto

Waza Zen Vessel Lavatory By Toto

Waza Lavatory By Toto

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