Light and Airy White House Design in the First Line of a Coastline

This house is located on amazing site in the first line of a beautiful coastline of Mallorca. It’s designed by Jaume Riera and Joan Francisco Barceló Ascoli architects in very light and airy style. It’s accessible from both the sea and a back street. The ground floor is designed to enjoy panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea and of the nearby Cabrera island. There is everything needed for a comfortable holiday and living in the house. The design is very well planned. For example, a large courtyard that the house has is protected by service areas and walls from all sides. It features pines that were one the site before the construction. The sea front area is very well protected from the sunlight withot losing ability to catch great views through large glazing. The house’s interior is also great. It’s natural, comfortable and yet contemporary. The place is a real dream to live in.

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