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Light-Looking Minimalist Drawer Of Natural Oak

Fri, Oct 12, 2012 | Dressers | By Kate

Keiji Ashizawa Design presents a new image of how a modern minimalist dresser should look like. It’s not a big or solid structure, it doesn’t look heavy and bulky. Bon Drawer – ‘bon’ means ‘tray’ – consists of several drawers piled up on each other. The rail for the Bon is just a flat bar attached to a frame. The frame is made by minimum structure for the drawer. You can move them easily by the wheel and handle attached the frame. You can easily move the drawers, put there everything you need and move them back. Such a construction would look great in any modern minimalist space; the material is natural oak, so the piece is totally eco-friendly. Hurry up to buy it!

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