Luminescent Bathtubs and Washbasins – Light from Sopha Industries

Latest concept of bathtubs and washbasins from SOPHA Industries, known in France since 1973, is one of those which would be remembered. It’s absolutely brilliant and modern. The concept became a collection called Light. Its main feature is built-in 20W halogen lamps which could light as neutral white as colored. Lamps are positioned inside half-transparent polyethylene boxes. The shape of tubs and washbasins is mostly very simple even minimalist. Tubs dimensions are 175x85x60 cm while wall-mount sinks are only 48×38 cm. The collection is designed by Jan Puylaert. Learn more about it at Sopha Industries.

Sopha Light Bathtub And Washbasin

Sopha Light Washbasin And Bathtub

Sopha Light Green Washbasin

Sopha Light Washbasin

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