Luxurious Art Deco Tables From Italy

For centuries and centuries Venice was famous for its glass the recipe of which was kept in secret. Nowadays the craftsmen and big design companies still surprise us by their beautiful works of glass. Arte Veneziana presented its hand-made collection called Art Deco which reflects the creative genius of European artists of the first half of the twentieth century. The collection consists of several lines: Riflessivo, Wise. Wise is a bright line interpreting the most important trend in the Venetian Eighteenth Century period: the Neoclassical style. Icy and perfect shapes, lines of absolute purity, the strength of the construction, use of high quality materials and steel angles that contain reflective surfaces. Riflessivo is a brand of Arte Veneziana that comes from a strong concept: to interpret the Venetian tradition of engraving with an aspiration to contemporary style. I think it’s a beautiful variant for any place with a matching interior and the tables look really luxurious.

Source: arte veneziana

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