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Luxurious Relaxing Calla Bathtub

Tue, Dec 13, 2011 | Bathtubs | By Kate

Designers are constantly inspired by nature. Animals, plants, fruit and this time flowers – a calla. Calla bathtub created for Italian sanitary ware manufacturers TEUCO by Kiev-based designer Jurii Cegla is a usual bathtub without any special options, but they are not needed, it just provides a relaxation in the waves of luxury. The ergonomic shape of the bath offers the perfect support to the user’s body letting them relax more fully while they are immersed in water. The cool futuristic design and luxury of the bathtub would give you a fantastic time and relaxation that you would never forget.

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  1. Banheiras Says:

    Truly a luxury unique design, the lighting of an LED glow to more innovation and creativity. Very interesting!

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