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Luxurious Villa With Traditional Interior Design In Sweden

Tue, Feb 14, 2012 | Luxury home designs | By Kate

This is how a modern cottage should look like – both inside and outside. This cottage is located in Sweden; it’s composed of a main residence, garage, stables and a large side building with four parking spaces and private offices. The interiors are mesmerizing and blend modern comfort with elegant traditional details. The shape of the rooms is very interesting and gives a cozy feeling. The dining area is surrounded by a glass pavilion, with views towards the garden. With a total floor area of 450 square meters, the house gives much space for relaxation. The villa is very inspiring and inviting.

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Old Comments

  1. Bonnie McCarthy Says:

    Beautiful windows throughout!! Just gorgeous -as long as they come with someone to clean them! :)

  2. LondOn Says:

    Lovely in the first pic. Shame about the ghastly furniture in the conservatory. Reminds me of my Nan’s in the 90’s. And why is there a fireplace at the top of the stairs?

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