Luxury Fireplaces for Classic Living Room by Savio Firmino

Thanks to the successful collaboration between the producer of one of the most renowned and appreciated worldwide chimneys, Palazetti, and non less well-known company specializing in luxury furniture, Savio Firmino, you could decorate you house by the most beautiful and elegant fireplaces. Among them the Frame “Caravaggio” retains classical inspiration and great dimensions; chimney basement and edges are in precious Portugal pink Marble. It can be matched both with classical and contemporary furnishing. On the other side, the Frame “Michelangelo” is a lighter and smaller version that fits every need. All Frames are solid wood with hand made carvings, waxed and polished to get antique savour; additional decorations as water gilding by Savio Firmino make the Frame really something incomparable precious. The further information about these beautiful fireplaces you could find on Savio Firmino site.

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