Luxury South African Villa With Cave-Like Interiors

South African designers continue to surprise everybody with their stunning works. This luxury villa was designed by award-winning South African architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens of INK Design Lab. The idea was to combine rawness and exquisite pieces, and just have a look at this house! Thatched roof, stacked stone chimneys, raw wood details and rustic cave-inspired interiors and all kinds of luxury things and spaces like natural playground, with a collection of buildings, towering chimneys and a dome-topped tower and an amazing outdoor pool overlooking the landscape of trees. The roof is supported by knotty, twisted tree trunks, left in their natural state. The dark, warm ambiance reminds us of a cave, illuminated only by the natural light spilling in from outside, and the flickering flame of the fireplace featured deep within. Wow!

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