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Mini Terrariums To Decorate Your Indoor Space by Botany Factory

Fri, Oct 22, 2010 | Other | By Mike

Mini terrariums become more and more popular nowadays. They can be tabletop, hanging, or wall-mounted. That’s why there is a new manufacturer of these cute mini-gardens that we can put inside of our homes. Botany Factory is a collaboration of a plant enthusiast, Katie Goldman Macdonald, and a glass artist, Evan Kolker. They already have 5 different organically shaped glass forms, filled with different plants. They all are hand blown individually so each of the has its own district character.

The Eggloo is the perfect little egg shaped home for your apartment garden. It look lovely in pairs or clusters of three, especially sitting atop a piece of mid-century furniture.

The smallest member of the terrarium family is the hanging terrarium. It boasts a small hook on top so it can gracefully hang in windows, doorways, nooks and crannies. When not hanging out, the little possum is perfectly content to sit atop a bookshelf or table.

The Armadillo’s rounded, bubble like silhouette resembles the coiled pose of an armored armadillo under attack. It is the most globe-like hand blown form

The Kiwi terrarium is named for the elusive flightless bird of New Zealand. With its rounded rear and tapered, gently upturned neck, Kiwi is elegant yet playful.

The Manatee form showcases hand blown glass’s artistry like no other vessel. Its long, gently-sloped silhouette mirrors the softly-curved body of the sea cow.

Source: botanyfactory


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