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Minimalist House Located at 2990 Meters Above Sea Level and Facing a Lake

Tue, Mar 2, 2010 | Minimalist home designs | By Mike

This house is called a Mountain Refuge C7 and that says everything. It’s located in quiet and peaceful place at 2990 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains, Chile. That’s a few kilometers aways from the Argentinean border and Mount Aconcagua. The house features amazing views of Tres Hermanos Mountains and the Inca Lake that are located near by. Interior and exterior designs are done in minimalist style with large glazings. That allow to focus those who live there on the beauty of nature. The project is organized in two superposed volumes. The lower level is made of stone and contains private areas of the house. The stone helps to absorb the variations of the snow level during the winter and anchors the refuge to the slope and its rocky surroundings. [ dRN Architects | Photos by Max Núñez and Felipe Camus ]

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  1. Jodi Says:

    I love, love, love, LOVE this place.

  2. Bonkalicious Says:

    what a beautiful place! i suppose i’ll have to start saving even more…

  3. Hobittual Says:

    Jodi, you spoiled the post by putting “love” 4 times, such a waste.

  4. dza Says:


  5. Linda Says:

    And just wHen I thought I had made up my mind on my dream home!***SIGH***

  6. Kristine Says:

    That’s a beauty! …but how could they live here then I know from geography classes that at a +1500 meters attitude the air is less oxygenated and it’s a bad thing human organism…

  7. Tamber Says:

    @Linda. You started the sentence with the word “And” which is bad practice. You put a capital “H” in the middle of the word “when”, then this: ***SIGH***
    This thread had only just recovered from Jodi who spoiled it with saying “Love” 4 times without you resorting to PGR’s (Pseudo Graphical Representations) such as ***SIGH***, God help us.

    @Kristine. Don’t you mean “there” not “here”? You should have put a question mark after a question don’t you think? It is “altitude”, not “attitude”! Have you people not been trained to proof read your own work, especially when it is only two lines long? “and it’s a bad thing human organism”? What kind of talk is that? Pull your self together!

    Thanks to Hobittual for bothering to get things right, if only others would give a damn.

  8. Liz Says:

    With all those windows, one thing you won’t be minimizing is the heating bill.

    Still, very beautiful.

  9. KC Says:

    Clearly Jodi, Linda and Kristen aren’t fit to operate in society.

    Tamber – You are obviously a superior person.
    I’m all for proper grammar and a lot of people don’t give a damn. It does suck and it can be annoying. However people aren’t going to change because of a comment you make in a post. (Yes I just realized the irony of this last statement). If anyone ruined the post it would be your post.
    Please feel free to correct my grammar. I know you will.

    Hobittual- Did Jodi really ruin the entire post?

    Jodi – I have to agree with you. I love, love, loved your comment. Thanks for the positivity. You didn’t spoil the post.

    Linda – A few mistakes. It happens in life. So what.

    Kristine – Okay so after reading, and rereading your comment I am confused. I initially wanted to defend you. I was looking for anything that could redeem your post. I really hope English is not your first language.

    Everyone take a step back and breath. Now let it go. Look at the pretty mountains.

  10. Tamber Says:

    See KC, even you can see Kristine just ruined it for the rest of us, but you can’t pick and choose. Anyone else who hasn’t got the decency to use the correct grammar and spelling should be admonished. I wouldn’t dream of posting somewhere in Finnish for instance as I know I would mess up.
    Thanks for the compliment, I wouldn’t go so far as to say superior, but I know where you are coming from, thanks.

  11. Tamber Says:

    @Bonkalicious. Apart from your dreadfully vulgar name, have you ever heard of capial or upper case letters? Dear me!

  12. Tamber Says:

    Dear me, I mean capital.

  13. David Says:

    I am the last to support improper English, but if one doesn’t like the comments, and thinks they “ruin” the post, then don’t read them. Plain and simple.

  14. Julia Says:

    @Tamber: Chill out! This isn’t school.

  15. Horrified illiterate Says:

    Stumbled in…liked it to start.
    The Grammer Nazi is a nice and refreshing touch though. Entirely unexpected in such a seemingly refined place.
    Thank you to this champion, defending a language that has stolen most of it’s words from every other language on the planet and bastardized them all in the process because we are far to lazy to use them correctly to begin with. you have renewed my lack of faith in the future of all humankind.

    way to ruin an ENTIRE website, i won’t be back to such a racist and hate filled place again. Clearly the lack of banishment or punishment by the site staff for this malicious kind of behavior shows that this is not only acceptable, but it is encouraged. For shame. How will your god think of this i wonder?
    No matter, in the end, my opinions mean nothing.

    …we uneducated folk don’t deserve to see such finery anyways.
    just a shame…

  16. Callie Says:

    What the hell is wrong with you people? This is an article about a home on a lake, not about grammar! Are you really such cold-hearted grammar nazis that you will treat people that you don’t even know like they’re inferior? Get a life. You’re all pathetic.

  17. Lyla Says:

    @ Tamber “Have you people not been trained to proof read your own work, especially when it is only two lines long?”

    “… have you ever heard of capial or upper case letters?”

    chill out and stop being a prescriptive grammar nazi. you clearly make mistakes too.

    the version of English we speak today is a “deteriorated” version of the English spoken in 1800, which is a “deteriorated” version of what was spoken in 1500, etc., so if you really want to get technical and speak “proper English” without any deviations or mistakes, maybe you should try to convert everyone to speaking Old English again. so-called mistakes in grammar are what have given way to the “proper” English even the most educated people use today. i’m sure an English grammar nazi from 1600 would be mortified by your masterful use of our language today. the world changes. language changes. take a linguistics class for god’s sake.

    i’m an english major and i give attention to grammar and spelling when it is necessary, but in casual online settings minor flaws don’t matter unless it’s to the point of being incomprehensible. just because someone doesn’t use perfect grammar or spelling in a trivial comment, it doesn’t make them an English-inept idiot. we aren’t writing theses here. sorry for all the hostility. i’m just sick of spazzes like you trolling around and being a useless pain in the neck to nice (and most likely perfectly intelligent) people.

    with that said, gorgeous house, gorgeous setting.

  18. t Says:

    oh tamber, i totally dig those digs.

  19. Rincewind Says:

    @Lyla. You are the real grammar Nazi here. This guy/girl Tamber is trying to get people to write responsibly. What is the point of contributing to a thread when people can’t understand what you have posted. It is a shame he/she made a typo, but unlike others he corrected it.
    How dare you call someone a “Spazz”, how do you know he/she hasn’t got Cerebral Palsy? Or someone close to him/her? Do you think you just proved yourself to be their intellectual superior by resorting to hurtful and quite cruel insults?
    In addition to that, you seem to believe that anyone with an opinion you do not share is a Troll! That is not a million miles away from what Hitler tried to do. Shame on you.

  20. Tambеr Says:

    hurr! derp derp.

  21. Tamber Says:

    I did not say that, I said Sproing.

  22. Tambеr Says:

    After some thought, I admit I may have been a bit to aggressive.
    Sorry Linda. Sorry everyone. I just flipped.
    It was a rough day. I shrank my favorite pair of pants in the wash, the toilet backed up, my cell phone died, I realized the anniversery of the passing of the great Billy Mays was at hand again, and the Burger King put pickles on my Whopper when I clearly said, “No pickles, please.”.
    I know it’s no excuse, but that’s the way it was.

    Hopefully the new medication will help.

  23. Lyla Says:

    Rincewind – i was clearly poking fun at Tamber’s mistake considering how militant she had been toward other peoples’. the point that i was getting at was that everyone makes grammar/spelling mistakes and it doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

    i’m fairly certain people can understand what i posted in my comment. “Horrified illiterate” said some pretty similar things to me, so clearly someone is on the same page. and had i known “bastardized” would have passed through moderation, i would have used that word in my initial comment as well, to the very same effect.

    i never realized that “spazz” as a slang term exclusively referred to people with medical issues or seizures. so no, i don’t find that to be offensive or hurtful. in fact, my brother has epilepsy, so if anyone should be offended by that word it’s probably him or me. but we have sense enough to know in that in casual speech the word isn’t referring to a disability/medical condition.

    i hope you don’t honestly believe i’m comparing Tamber to a nazi. “grammar nazi” is another (common) slang term used to describe an over-zealous, militant grammar-corrector. it doesn’t mean i literally believe he/she shares ideologies with hitler or is plotting mass genocide. also, if you’ll notice, i’m not the only (or first) one in these comments who has used that term.

    i wasn’t accusing Tamber of trolling because i disagree with his/her opinion, it was because ALL of her posts were meddlesome and completely irrelevant to the subject matter of this page – which is what trolling is. and by that definition i suppose i can now be considered a troll as well.

    i’ll grant that after reading through my comment again, i do sound very… how should i say this without getting banned by moderators?… persnickety. so for that, i do apologize.

    anyway, Tamber won me over with the Billy Mays and pickles story, so at least from my perspective all has been mended.

    and to all a good night.

  24. Lyla Says:

    one more thing.

    i realize now, Rincewind, that you weren’t accusing my comment of being incomprehensible. that was my mistake, sorry.

    as a counter to that remark, though, i don’t think any of the comments Tamber corrected were flawed enough as to become non-understandable. except, perhaps, for that of Kristine, who i suspect may not be a native english speaker.

    okay. i really am done this time.

  25. KC Says:

    I feel all warm inside.
    Don’t worry Tamber the death of Billy Mays has affected all of us.

  26. Tamber Says:

    Lyla said:
    “meddlesome and completely irrelevant to the subject matter of this page – which is what trolling is”

    That is what you are doing. You will say it is in response to something, but it is as your definition.

    By the way, I am the real Tamber.

  27. Lyla Says:

    if you would have finished reading the paragraph you quoted from, you’d have seen that i’ve already made that point myself. you’re right as to my defense though. technically i and the others who’ve addressed your annoying comments are really troll-feeders more than anything else. and with that said, it’s time for me to stop feeding the troll.

  28. t Says:

    Oh my goodness, this was good fun. The house is beautiful and the posts are hysterical! Perfect.

  29. Michaela Says:

    The orange color of the fireplace has to be one of my favorite things about this home. Orange is a hard color to use, but it is done here with tastefulness and class.

  30. hurpdurp Says:

    i just want to apologise to everyone, for everything. it was all a misunderstanding. all is fixed now. we can relax and enjoy the view herrp durrp

  31. fajas colombianas Says:

    The location of the house is just perfect. And I love that fireplace, the whole contrast hits my tastebuds.

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