Minimalist House Located at 2990 Meters Above Sea Level and Facing a Lake

This house is called a Mountain Refuge C7 and that says everything. It’s located in quiet and peaceful place at 2990 meters above sea level in the Andes Mountains, Chile. That’s a few kilometers aways from the Argentinean border and Mount Aconcagua. The house features amazing views of Tres Hermanos Mountains and the Inca Lake that are located near by. Interior and exterior designs are done in minimalist style with large glazings. That allow to focus those who live there on the beauty of nature. The project is organized in two superposed volumes. The lower level is made of stone and contains private areas of the house. The stone helps to absorb the variations of the snow level during the winter and anchors the refuge to the slope and its rocky surroundings. [ dRN Architects | Photos by Max Núñez and Felipe Camus ]

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